State of California License Application Checklist            

“Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act”              

“Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act”

 (1)     Applicant Information for all Owners

 (2)     Board of Equalization Sellers Permit

(3)     Live Scan of Applicants

(4)     Local Jurisdiction Permit/License

(5)     Landlord/ Owner Permission Documentation

(6)     Sensitive Use Map 1000-foot and 600-foot Radius Map

(7)     Surety Bond 

(8)     General Business Liability Insurance

(9)     Standard Operating Procedures Manual        

(10)   Security Plan (Cultivation, Dispensary, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution & Transport)         

(11)   Exterior Site Plan. Drawn to Scale and fully dimensioned.

(12)   Interior Floor Plan. Drawn to Scale and fully dimensioned.  

(13)   Agricultural Employer Statement under Alatorre-Zenovich-Dunlap-Berman Labor Act

(14)   Labor Peace Agreement 

(15)   Class II Scale – County Agricultural Commissioner Certification

(16)   Regional Water Board Registration – Cultivation

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